Talahi Park Restoration Project (Phase II)

Listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, Talahi Park was built in 1926 as an art deco architectural tribute to the native Cherokee Indian tribes that once inhabited the area. Through the years Talahi Park has slowly conceded to time, neglect and nature.

The Kingston Pike – Sequoyah Hills Association has developed a three phase plan to restore this historic landmark. Thanks to the many donations from our neighborhood and the surrounding community, as well as generous support and contributions–in-kind from the City of Knoxville, Phase I of the restoration project has been successfully completed. This phase involved an extensive restoration and repair of Papoose Park and today it is safe, beautiful and enjoyed by the entire Knoxville community as well as our many guests.

Phase II of the project concentrates on the restoration and repair of the remaining historic elements of Talahi Park: Sunhouse Fountain, Panther Fountain and the Mall/footpath area. The fundraising campaign for this phase was kicked off on October 17, 2016 with State Representative Eddie Smith, and co-sponsored by Senator Becky Massey, presenting a $30,000 grant from the State of Tennessee to the KPSHA for the restoration of Sunhouse Fountain, which is located on Cherokee Blvd.

It has been estimated that the restoration will cost approximately $60,000. Thanks to the efforts of Representative Smith and The Great State of Tennessee, the KPSHA has already reached one half of its fundraising goal!

For more information on how you can help, please email Melinda Ethier at melindaethier@gmail.com or Sandy Gillespie at sandyg222@hotmail.com.